Q. What is that song you play in the intro/outro of the podcast? 

That is a song by Sinn Sisamouth, one of Cambodia’s best-known singers. The song is Bopha Vientiane, purportedly written by the late King Norodom Sihanouk about a beautiful woman from Laos. There is an instrumental version of the song here. Cambodian music has been getting some (well-deserved) publicity lately. There is an upcoming documentary about Sinn Sisamouth and another on Cambodia’s Lost Rock and Roll.


Q. What are the images in your site headers?

A. Several of the images were taken from the Walters Art Museum’s image database, which has thousands of images on the public domain under a Creative Commons license.

The images in the headers include:

Baker Djehuty and Wife Ahhotep

A Lady at Her Toilette

Garden Recreations

Funeral Stele with a Seated Woman and Child

Other images were taken by myself from my personal collection.  They include diorama’s from:

The Ban Non Wat site museum in Ban Non Wat, Thailand

The Memot Centre for Archaeology in Cambodia

-The museum at the Bandolier National  Monument, New Mexico

-Bas Relief from the Bayon Temple, in Cambodia.